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The history, design and interesting facts of the smallest house in Totonto

In Toronto, there are hundreds of typical terraced and domed houses with wide windows, but one of them is special because of its extremely small size. Its first owner was Arthur Weeden who dispelled stereotypes about how a modern house can look and became famous all over the world! Learn more at toronto-future website.

The history of the smallest house in Toronto

In 1902, an English emigrant Arthur Weeden moved to Toronto. He really liked that city and decided to stay there for a living. At first, he worked as a security guard watching over the territory around the old lighthouse. Then he became a builder and got the idea to construct his own house. Walking the streets of Toronto, he noticed a small empty space between the houses and decided to start construction there.

He started with the layout of the future home, then he bought building materials and began the construction. According to the project, there should have been a garage too. However, it turned out that there was no free space left for it.

Arthur Weeden completed the construction in 1912. He managed to create a mini-copy of an ordinary house in Toronto, which fit into a small free space. After that, he began to renovate the inner space. He made wooden floors, leveled and painted the walls, arranged utility systems and bought furniture and small decorative items. He wanted the house to look inside similarly to other homes. After paying a lot of effort and costs, he succeeded!

The design of the world’s smallest house 

Arthur chose a simple and stylish design for his house. Owing to his thought-out planning, he managed to place all the necessary items in each room and, at the same time, there was enough free space left. His modest apartment has a living room, a bedroom, a kitchen and a cozy patio.

A sofa, a wall photo frame, a wooden coffee table and a TV on a shelf fit compactly in the living room. Owing to the absence of excessive items and wallpapers, the room looks bigger than it actually is.

The bedroom is furnished with a folding bed, a chair and a nightstand with a lamp. The room is always well-lit because of the window placed to the left of the bed.

The light and cozy kitchen is located next to the bedroom. The wooden furniture and floor are harmoniously combined and give the room more simplicity. Obviously, Arthur and his wife valued order and comfort.

The tiniest house in Toronto has 2 exits coming out to the street and to the patio, which is surrounded by a wooden fence. The owners could spend some time outdoors there sitting at a miniature and interestingly designed patio table.

Interesting facts about the small house in Toronto

  1. Arthur and his wife have lived in that house for 20 years.
  2. The house looks like a narrow corridor (6,5 ft wide and 46 ft long), which is compactly arranged for living. 
  3. In 2007, locals sold the smallest house for $135,000. After that, the new owner sold it for $179,000.
  4. A small house has become a new trend in real estate. Thus, people started to build such houses all over the world.

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