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The fabulous Casa Loma Castle in downtown Toronto

Toronto is a city of unique and diverse architecture, which fascinates not only with modern skyscrapers, unusual private houses and cultural buildings but also with sumptuous castles. One of them is located in the very center of the metropolis. It was called in Spanish manner, Casa Loma, which translates as “House on the Hill”. This is a real gem for tourists who want to learn more about Toronto and take an outdoor walk in a beautiful place. Learn more at toronto-future website.

The History of the Castle

The splendid mansion of Casa Loma was built in 1914 by the order of the Canadian millionaire Henry Pellatt, who dreamed of living in a castle since his childhood. That man made his fortune investing in Canada’s hydropower and transportation system. At the beginning of the 20th century, he owned 25% of the Canadian economy. One day the millionaire decided that it was high time to build his own castle.

In 1903, Henry Pellatt bought a lot in the center of Toronto. Then the millionaire hired the most popular architect Edward Lennox to design the castle, who had already successfully completed about 70 building projects by that time. Considering the size of the future edifice, the construction period was relatively very short, just 3 years. The millionaire spent $3.5 million to make his dream come true.

The construction of the castle with 98 rooms (a total area of 6,000 m2) began in 1911 and included the installation of plumbing, floor and walls as well as interior design. It became the largest and most expensive private residence in Canada.

Henry Pellatt immediately moved in but did not live for long there, as he faced financial hardships due to the post-WWI crisis. In 1923, he had to sell the Casa Loma castle. In two years, the castle was renovated under the direction of the architect Edward Lennox. It was turned into a luxurious hotel for tourists and then into an elite nightclub. In 1933, the castle became the property of the city because of a large amount of unpaid taxes. For a long time, the Toronto authorities did not know how to dispose of this luxurious building properly because of its expensive maintenance. Since 1937, the castle has become a city’s landmark.

The Castle Design as an attraction for visitors

This majestic and beautiful castle is an architectural gem of Toronto. Its interior harmoniously combines Gothic and luxurious styles. There are 3 floors and 98 rooms inside! Each room has its unique design and was created for a special purpose. For example, Henry Pellatt’s castle has a picture gallery, a library, several baths and bedrooms and a room for bowling.

The owner of the Casa Loma castle was fond of expensive decorative items and furniture. There is a lot of china, beautiful carpets, silverware, vintage chandeliers and Victorian furniture.

In addition, the castle was equipped with 20th-century technologies, including ventilation, an elevator, a heating system and a telephone connection. An interesting feature is that there are underground tunnels and rooms beneath the castle.

The Toronto castle looks stunning both inside and outside. That is why it has become a popular location for filming and a tourist destination. Visitors to the castle are offered to see its interior, come to the local restaurant or take a walk in the park, which sometimes becomes a wedding and party venue. You can also climb one of the towers to have a wonderful view of the city landscape and infrastructure.

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