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Top Tourist Sights in Toronto

Toronto looks like a fairy-tale world harmoniously decorated with densely placed tourist gems. Wandering the streets of the metropolis feels like entering another dimension framed with fascinating buildings and notable edifices.

Toronto is a city of skyscrapers and modern architectural solutions. Locals are used to constant hustle and bustle, which can disorientate an ordinary tourist. But in this case, you can rely on local signs and guides or buy special tours. We offer to your attention a list of the most outstanding tourist attractions in Toronto, which can come in handy for tourists wandering Canada’s largest city. Learn more at toronto-future.

The CN Tower

Toronto’s hallmark is the 1,815 ft CN Tower. The “CN” abbreviation refers to “Canada’s National”. One of the world’s tallest buildings is visible from almost any location in the city, especially in the evening when it is illuminated and can’t remain unnoticed.

The tower construction began in 1972 and was finished in 40 weeks. The CN Tower held the record and topped the list of the tallest structures on the planet until 2007. You can admire the tower made by a huge team of specialists from below or get to the top in a high-speed elevator.

The view from the top of the tower is incredible. In windless weather, you can observe the famous Niagara Falls. There is a special top platform with a glass bottom, which is popular among thrill-seekers.

The highest observing desk, the Sky Pod, reaches 1,464 ft in altitude and up there, you can even see New York State. Below, there is the Horizons Restaurant at an altitude of 1,135 ft. Despite the high prices, there are a lot of visitors, so you should make a reservation in advance.

One of the most fascinating amusements of the tower is the EdgeWalk. Not everyone dares to try it because it feels like walking a tightrope with a heart jumping out of the chest. You are offered to have an extreme walk on the edge of the tower’s 116th floor at 1,168 ft height. Of course, the walk is as safe as possible. The price includes a souvenir photo and video too.

The Royal Ontario Museum

The Royal Ontario Museum is also known as the ROM. It is one of the largest Canadian cultural and natural history museums. Also, it is the fifth largest museum in North America.

The Royal Museum is located on the corner of Bloor Street and Avenue Road, north of Queen’s Park and east of Philosopher’s Walk on the premises of the University of Toronto. It was founded in 1857 and remained under the control of the university until 1968. Then the museum became an independent institution. Visitors are offered to view about 6 million exhibits, which are collected in 40 galleries. The museum is famous for its dinosaur collections. Also, it is worth paying attention to the museum’s art objects from the Middle East, Africa, East Asia, Europe and Canada. There are always some exhibitions to see.

During the reconstruction of the ROM exterior in 2007, Daniel Libeskind proposed his vision of the museum entrance. That’s how transparent walls of an unusual shape emerged, which were called The Crystal. They are made of one-quarter of glass and three-quarters of aluminum alloy and all of this is supported with a steel frame.

Rogers Center

The Rogers Center is a Toronto multi-purpose stadium with a retractable roof, which seats about 50,000 spectators. The idea to create an indoor stadium was supported in 1982 when the spectators got wet in the rain watching a football match in the old open-sky stadium.

The fans picked up the idea of creating a modern and comfortable stadium. Next year, the lot near the CN Tower was proposed for the building of a new arena.

On June 3, 1989, the opening of the Rogers Center stadium was solemnly celebrated. The event gathered about 60,000 spectators. Two days later, the first game of the Toronto Blue Jays was held there. The stadium also has a hotel with 350 rooms, some of them directly overlooking the stadium.

The stadium hosts not only football matches but also other sports competitions. A lot of famous performers chose this stadium for their concerts, as it’s huge and can seat thousands of their fans.

The Art Gallery of Ontario

The AGO is a 480,000 sq ft art museum in Toronto, which is famous for its grandeur. It ranks tenth on the list of the largest museums in North America. About 900,000 people visit the museum annually.

The Art Gallery of Ontario was founded in 1900 on the initiative of wealthy local residents who have their own art collections. The museum impresses not only with the variety of exhibits but also with its unusual appearance.

One of the most significant collections of the museum is the sculptures by Henry Moore. There are also paintings by Tintoretto, Van Gogh, Paul Gauguin, Picasso, Renoir, Claude Monet and other world-famous artists. However, not only works of art are exhibited at the gallery but also the collection of old ships models and photographs.

In the first years after its opening, the museum’s collection was growing rapidly and the place itself was becoming more and more popular. In 1966, the gallery was reopened in a new building and it became an architectural landmark. Specialists used the style of Deconstructivism for the building, owing to which it turned out so eye-catching. In the daytime, the gallery shines like a huge diamond and in the evening, it is highlighted with various illuminations.

Such sights as the Casa Loma Castle, the Toronto Zoo, St. Lawrence Market, Ripley’s Aquarium, small islands on Lake Ontario and the Ontario Science Centre are also worth visiting not only by adult travelers but their kids too. You should visit the city at least once to feel the atmosphere of rich life and an endless flow of happiness.

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