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Top 16 Oldest buildings in Toronto

Toronto is a gorgeous city with an age-old history. There are not only skyscrapers but also numerous buildings of great architectural interest, which, according to historical information, were built by European settlers. You can still come across some of these old houses and administrative buildings in the center and other parts of the metropolis. Learn more at toronto-future.

The Grange

This is the oldest brick house in Toronto, which was built in 1817 for the wealthy residents of the Boulton family. When the city began to develop economically very fast and many emigrants came here, the owner sold the house. It has 2 floors with a living room and dining room on the first floor and bedrooms on the second floor. There were vegetable gardens and orchards with paths and terraces behind the house.

Campbell House

This is a house and museum located in the very center of the metropolis. It was built for the American scientist William Campbell and his wife Hannah. The building was equipped with all the necessities for a comfortable life and rest. Later, it became an art gallery, where exhibitions were held. Architects consider the building one of the few objects of Georgian architecture in Toronto.

The Bank of Upper Canada Building

It was built in 1827 when the first city of York appeared on the territory of Toronto. Locals used the building for educational and commercial purposes. There was a school there at first and, in the 20th century, it became an industrial workshop. The building was renovated and rented out several times and, in the end, it was turned into office premises.

Montgomery’s Inn

The Georgian-style hotel was popular in Toronto, as tourists, politicians and scientists preferred to stay there. In 1856, its owners were the Montgomery family of farmers. Later, they transferred ownership of the hotel to members of the local Historical Society, and then it was transferred to the Toronto government ownership.

Osgoode Hall

It is a popular historic building in downtown Toronto that was built in 1832. At the time, the Osgoode Hall professional school was the only recognized law school in the city. There are 2 libraries and several office spaces inside. Since the 21st century, it has been the building of the Superior Court.

Toronto’s First Post Office

It was opened in 1833. Previously, the building served as a single department of the British Royal Mail and then as a warehouse until 1956. Later, the First Post Office was restored. Then it was turned into the oldest postal museum in Toronto and recognized as a National Historic Site of Canada.

Daniel Brooke Building

This is one of the oldest buildings that was built in 1833.  Since the 19th century, enterprises have used it for commercial purposes as a popular among Torontonians grocery store.

New Fort York

It was a British and Canadian military base located on Lake Ontario. It was built in 1940-1941 to replace the former fort. It was used until 1970 to train troops for World War I, World War II and the Second Boer War. The military base territory included barracks, a stable, a canteen and other buildings. Later, the fort was demolished, thus, only the Officer’s Quarters building remained there.

The Albany Club

It is one of the oldest social clubs in Toronto. Its members are represented as a community dedicated to the celebration and promotion of Canadian political views, opinions, values and history.

St.Lawrence Hall

It is an old concert hall in Toronto, where concerts, exhibitions and meetings have been held since the 1800s. The main feature of the building is the amphitheater with almost 1,000 seats. Musicians, politicians and businessmen often came here to perform on its stage. The lower floors of the building were dedicated to commercial purposes. 

The Adelaide Street Court House

From 1852 to 1900, that building served as the City Court. When the judges moved to Toronto City Hall, an art and literature club was opened there. In the 21st century, the building became a Historical Site of the city.


The owner of this house is the brewer Enoch Turner. In no time, Allandale became a favorite place of the city’s elite. Owing to its beautiful European design, the house surpassed the nearby mansions. However, everything changed in the 20th century, as that neighborhood became one of the poorest. The house had to be demolished, but public protests didn’t allow it to happen. Allandale is now a Toronto historic house and a tourist gem.

St. Basil’s Church

The white brick building of the church was opened to the public in Toronto in 1856. It was built in the 13th-century English Gothic style featuring pointed arches and narrow windows. During its history, the church underwent several renovations, including the installation of stained-glass windows, a new main altar and a sanctuary.

The University of St. Michael’s College

The higher education institution in the Gothic style started functioning in 1852. Humanities and aesthetic sciences have been taught in it for centuries. Since the 18th century, the University’s education has been divided into 3 levels: a preparatory school, a humanitarian college and a junior seminary. There are several dormitories and educational campuses on the territory of the University.

Spadina House

This historic house is a Toronto museum, which was built by Dr. William Warren in 1818. Having visited it, people can learn about the life of Torontonians at the beginning of the 20th century. The Spadina Museum architecture features a harmonious combination of Victorian and Edwardian styles. There are a lot of vintage items inside, as the interior of the house was preserved in its original form.

The Cherry Street Hotel

In 1859, that historic building served as a school for the residents of the Don Lands neighborhood. It was designed by the mayor of Toronto. There were 2 rooms inside and 80-90 students could study in each of them.

In 1887, the school was closed, the building was sold and turned into a hotel. However, in 1910, its owners went bankrupt and transferred the hotel to the ownership of an enamel products company.

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