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The Technical Action Group Inc. (TAG) is a company that has a proven track record in providing business-oriented managed IT services to various businesses in Canada. 

The company has a strong reputation due to its distinct accomplishments. Learn more about how the company was established and what it does to assist businesses at

Established founder’s success

The company’s founder is Joseph Stoll. The man started his career as an independent technical support consultant in 1999. Over the years, Stoll discovered that many small and large Canadian businesses were not satisfied with the IT support services they received and their price in the marketplace.

At the same time, the demand for competent IT assistance was increasing. As a result, in 2003, Joseph decided to establish his own company, Technical Action Group, in Toronto. From the start, its founder and team aimed to streamline technology and operations for businesses. They have succeeded in developing powerful tools that boost profitability, productivity and operational efficiency.

Rather than simply solving customer problems, Stoll and his team promoted proactive customer business development. For instance, if an issue necessitated the replacement of hardware or software, Joseph Stoll advised their customers to opt for long-term solutions rather than hasty and shoddy fixes.

Furthermore, Stoll also began providing managed IT services for monitoring their customer’s networks and routine maintenance. These steps served to identify problems early on and prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Rapid company growth

Technical Action Group became well known for never turning down people’s requests for assistance. Through this assistance, business people were able to:

  • Invest profitably in the implementation of IT technologies in their own businesses
  • Take away the burden of managing their everyday technology environment
  • Protect their valuable data and company networks from cyberattacks
  • Concentrate their energy on their primary business instead of bothering with technology.

Each year, the company has rapidly expanded its operations and assisted businesses in utilizing its technology to improve efficiency and increase profits.

Technical Action Group utilizes specific strategic principles in its activities. Through unique software and strategic planning, the company facilitates business owners to leverage technology correctly, thereby staying ahead of the competition.

Today’s company

As of 2023, Joseph Stoll and his wife are the owners and directors of the Technical Action Group. The company employs 13 skilled, full-time technicians who have graduated from technological universities. 

Furthermore, the Technical Action Group’s team members continuously evolve through acquiring and learning a lot of novel information to stay up with the ever-changing technology landscape.

The company’s success stems from the passion of hard-working and ambitious young IT specialists.

The customs within the company are rather interesting.  

For instance, each morning, specialists organize business get-togethers, during which they discuss technical and corporate trends as well as customers’ requests.

The company organizes monthly team meetings to explore how to use new technology in the workplace and the best ways to accomplish their customers’ business goals.

Every quarter, the leadership of Technical Action Group hosts social events for its company members, featuring dinner and engaging physical activities like bowling and ping pong.

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