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How to become a programmer in Toronto?

The modern world cannot be imagined without IT and new developments created by programmers. Since the 2000s, this profession has become one of the most highly paid and popular around the world, especially in developed cities such as Toronto. It is called the second Silicon Valley because there are many IT companies and innovation centres here. Many people dream of working in this city but don’t know where to start. Learn more at toronto-future.

Who are programmers and what are they doing?

Being a programmer is prestigious and at the same time difficult. There are many people who want to become professionals in this sphere, but not everyone knows its theoretical aspects. In order to decide whether this job suits you or not, you need to know the following: 

A programmer is a specialist who writes and tests software code as well as develops computer algorithms and programmes based on mathematical models. In other words, a programmer develops instructions for a computer, which become the basis for the efficient operation of information systems or programmes.

A programmer completes the following tasks:

  • uses computer codes to create projects of new programs
  • create new software
  • tests new programmes or computer operating systems
  • troubleshoots programmes
  • creates and implements automated programming methods
  • develops animations
  • creates and implements changes on the company’s websites or applications
  • creates schemes for writing new computer algorithms
  • develops and improves operating systems, websites, applications and programmes.

Where can you learn it in Toronto?

You can acquire programming knowledge and skills in many ways. In Toronto, there are several educational institutions offering such training courses. These include:

  1. Training centres

You can become a programmer in a few months at one of Toronto’s educational centres. Educational IT courses are provided by HackerYou, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology and BrainStation. These educational centres offer lectures, seminars and practical classes. Training is conducted by specialists in this field. If you want to combine study and work, the centres have daytime and evening programming courses.

  1. The University of Toronto

Despite the fact that studying in higher education institutions takes more time, about 4-5 years, it also has its advantages. There are two universities in Toronto that offer courses in programming, York University and the University of Toronto. In the process of studying, you can learn all aspects of the field in detail, consult with experienced IT professors, conduct research and complete a free internship at a Toronto IT company, which can also offer you further employment.

How to start a career in a Toronto IT company?

  1. Choose a narrow specialisation. There are a lot of them in the IT sphere, such as JavaScript and PHP programmers, backend developers, testers and others. After completing the training courses, it is important to choose one of them based on personal preferences and employers’ demands.
  1. Practise basic programming skills. Practice is the only way to complete your professional tasks qualitatively. Creating programmes and fixing errors in a computer system are essential skills of a programmer.
  1. Make a portfolio. The presence of ready-made works is an advantage for a beginner programmer. The management of IT companies in Toronto most often chooses candidates for interviews based on their portfolios. It is also important to tell employers about your practical skills in the form of photos and video materials.
  1. Prepare for the interview. Self-presentation, professional experience and appearance are the main components that form the impression of an applicant. Therefore, it is important to think in advance and plan how to present yourself in the best light.
  1. Apply for a position. Toronto annually leads the rankings among Canadian cities with the most actively developing IT sphere. It means that there are always many vacancies for programmers. You can find them on job search sites or the IT companies’ sites (Amazon, IBM, Google, Apple, Capgemini, etc.).

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