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The Toronto Central Waterfront as a popular summer spot

Toronto is a city of unique and diverse architecture, nature and landscapes. Here, you can walk for hours trying various fascinating outdoor activities. Visiting the Central Waterfront, which is one of the world’s most beautiful and unique, is one of them. In a few years span, that recreation area has radically changed thanks to the modern architectural solutions of the specialists from the DTAH and West 8 bureaus. Learn more at toronto-future.

Interesting facts about the Central Waterfront

In 2006, a competition among designers was held in Toronto. The participants were offered to design a beautiful central waterfront. After that, a group of architects, builders and engineers implemented the unique and exceptional project. Initially, it was planned to build a wooden avenue above the lake, where people could walk, sit by the water and do summer sports, such as surfing and diving as well as riding bicycles, scooters and rollerblades.

It took 3,500 wooden planks and $4 million to implement the new architectural project of the Central Waterfront, which was officially opened on the shore of Lake Ontario in 2008. 

The Central Waterfront is 4 km in length and is an ideal location for walking, cycling, etc. There are playgrounds for children and unique walking paths made of yellow cedar in the shape of a sea wave. They are the main eye-catchy peculiarity of the Toronto Central Waterfront, which attracts the attention of locals and tourists.

People often come here with their family and friends for a walk to breathe in the fresh air near the water and have fun. There are also yachts near the Central Waterfront. You can take a ride to enjoy the beauty of the Lake Ontario shores and the urban infrastructure of Toronto’s downtown.

This place is wonderful not only during the day but also in the evening. As darkness falls, hundreds of LED lights illuminate the Toronto Central Waterfront creating a glow on the water’s surface and a beautiful evening atmosphere of the city.

Popular tourist spots located near the Toronto Central Waterfront 

Admire the beautiful architecture of downtown Toronto and visit local tourist gems while walking along the Ontario River. A wonderful choice will be to visit the Fashion District, where a lot of supermarkets, cinemas and bookstores are located. Mount Erskine Park is also nearby offering wonderful landscapes of nature and urban infrastructure.

It is also recommended to visit the Casa Loma castle for those who seek unique sights in Toronto. It is a luxurious mansion with a lot of rooms, underground passages and a garden to have a walk. The castle is also located near the Central Waterfront. You can also visit the famous art gallery called The Power Plant and the popular Canadian amusement park Froster Soak City.

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